Life Under the Big Blue

Student Project


My name is Claudia Chávez,I am a Business and English student at California State University Northridge. I am taking English 457 animals right class this semester. In this class we are rethinking the topics of non-human animals. We bring our own ideas and views on each topic as well as learning how our culture I many ways determines how we view these animal issues and rights.

This website is about how important marine life and their environment is not only to them but for the planet. We tend to take things for granted, or at least I know I do. When I was doing research for this paper, it made me realize that I have a place where I can do whatever I want. My room is my mine and no one can throw always my stuff or come in a make a mess and if I do make a mess I can always clean it up. Many if not all non-human animals don’t that the luxury.



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